Pine Brook


Building businesses in capital intensive industries.

Areas of Focus

Pine Brook focuses on identifying global investment opportunities in capital-intensive industries where we can invest equity to finance growth and create value without leverage.

Pine Brook invests in opportunities across the full spectrum of the Energy sector, including: oil and natural gas, exploration and production, oilfield services, transportation and storage infrastructure, and power generation and transmission. We have a long history of building businesses in the exploration segment and creating returns in all commodity price environments.

Pine Brook invests in Financial Services opportunities that have large, long-lasting and compelling needs for equity. We focus on building businesses in the commercial banking, commercial finance, consumer financial services, specialty insurance and reinsurance segments of the financial services sector.

Because “business building” in these sectors requires specialized skills and experience, these sectors have been underserved by private investment firms. This disparity has created a consistent flow of opportunities for Pine Brook. Click here to learn more.